More than 1400

people attended annually


CAS de Sants is an outpatient drug & alcohol rehab facility for adults. Its mission is to provide a personalized assistance program to users with problematic alcohol and drug use and their families.

The intervention method addresses biological, psychological and social factors, and also community and educational ones. The objective of the treatment is to improve quality of life of our users and also facilitate their social and work integration.

CAS de Sants is managed by the Non-Government Organization (NGO) Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo (ABD) which support abstinence efforts for drug users, and also provides harm reduction strategies and rises awareness around this issue. ABD provides these services to the Barcelona Public Health Agency (Agencia de Salud Pública de Barcelona), which is a part of the public health network.

ABD is an NGO declared of public utility born more than 40 years ago that currently provides more than 100 services and programs that respond to all those social issues that generate situations of social exclusion. The entity is dedicated to caring for people in their life trajectories, preventing situations of social vulnerability and attending to their needs and those of their immediate environment.

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