This year, at the Centro de día (Day Center) of CAS de Sants, we are celebrating Juegos Florales one more time and we are doing it very proudly. This is the XXVIIth edition and the second one in which the circumstances has taken us to do it in a virtual format. This time we decided to set our starting point in the experience of living physical proximity in such a strange way and that’s why "TACTO - CONTACTO"


Was born (A playword in spanish between tact and contact, that can also be read as "tact with tact", implying putting care and effort in the act of reaching others)

All of this has been posible because of the work, implication and sincerity of Susi, Ana, Juan Manuel, Toni, Ariadna, José Antonio, Carlos, Valentin and Adrianna. Guided by Eliecer and María and with the photographic collaboration and generosity of Lluís.


The contribution of Víctor by developing this webpage has been essential, and has made this year’s Juegos Florales accesible for everyone. Everything has been supervised and fostered by Sònia.

Thanks to everyone and all profesionals of CAS de Sants for their efforts.

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