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Since 25 years ago, CAS de Sants started doing artistic activities under the name of "Juegos Florales" (Floral Games). The initial objective was to approximate Catalan language and culture to people through the writing means, while expressing feelings and experiences, and also contributing to personal growth and improvement of own’s life.

Through the years of accumulated experiences, and after witnessing multiple times the benefit that the preparations of the event and the writing efforts that Juegos Florales gives to the users of CAS de Sants, the activity started to integrate more artistic disciplines like interpretation, dance and painting.

For the community of CAS de Sants (Professionals and user), Art has become a special therapeutic tool that improves the health of our users. Juegos Florales are centered on ending the social exclusion that the person with an addiction disorder suffers, because even in the XXI century they are still being stigmatized. Few people really understand the integral dimension of the addiction issue, which involves biological, psychological and social factors. This is why the work that is done in this activity is so important: Because it allows us to work social stigma from a human perspective while also making society and the closest circle of the person more conscious of the issue in its depth.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are told to stay home, to change our plans, to stop our journey, to not hug between ourselves, to put distance, set limits. . . And we feel fragile. . .

That is why at CAS de Sants we had to reinvent Juegos Florales.

Obra realizada por los integrantes del centro de dia Cas de Sants

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